Orchestra Program


Durham Charter endeavors to provide its students with an exceptional, intensive, and fun music program that benefits their learning and leads to new opportunities for growth. 

Collaborating with community partners and families, we enrich and enhance the quality of life in Durham by offering exceptional musical experiences for performers and audience members alike.


  • Provide a tuition-free, K-12 music program
  • Provide a consistent, immersive, and supportive experience
  • Provide opportunities for students by exposing them to new forms of art, culture, and community


  • Music is proven to enhance brain development, particularly in reading and mathematics
  • Practicing an instrument enhances motor skills and instills discipline, confidence, and positive self-identity
  • Participating in an Orchestra builds a sense of community and camaraderie while helping develop social and emotional skills


  • Gain exposure to a new art form genre of music
  • Travel throughout the community and state to perform for diverse audiences
  • Create lasting friendships, memories, and music


Orchestra Concert – Thursday, 4/11, 6 pm-7 pm at 1305 W. Club Blvd


NYC-Northeast Tour: Performance on Thu 5/30 at Capitol City Public Charter in Washington DC


Performance on Fri 5/31 at Achievement First Brooklyn High School in Brooklyn, NY

Orchestra Teacher

5th-9th Grade

Daniel Levin, a graduate of The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, has more than 20 years of experience in arts education: teaching students, coaching and developing teachers, and providing support to school leaders and networks of schools to build, sustain, and improve performing arts programs. He has built and run several showcase orchestra programs for schools, was the founding Director of Specials Achievement for Achievement First, and is the founding Orchestra Director at Durham Charter School.

In addition to his work as an educator, Daniel is “one of the instrument’s most brilliant contemporary practitioners” (The Wire). At six, he began playing the cello and developed his distinctive voice as a cellist, improviser, and composer. He has performed extensively throughout the USA and Europe and recorded over 20 albums as a leader or co-leader.

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